Capturing memories that fundamentally define flawless moments in time, BCS Imaging has been redefining film and photography in Sydney and beyond since 2014. Creative director Brayden Smith curated a sheer legacy, encapsulating the values he prides himself on wholeheartedly. Delivering high-end visual content across the music, corporate, festival, lifestyle and wedding industries, BCS Imaging has been well-acquainted with globally acclaimed clients, upholding a coveted rapport across the seas, delivering efficiency, fun, precision and an impeccable work ethic within a notably fast-paced and evolving business.

From Amy Shark, Ocean Alley and Skepta, to the annual ARIA Awards, Sony Music Australia, Laneway Festival and Lost Paradise, BCS Imaging has grown to be one of Australia’s prolific and high demand photography and videography icons. While a superbly received name on the music and festival circuit as well as filming interviews and performances on the ABC TV show ‘The Sound’, brands like JBL, Adidas, Wrangler and Red Bull have too worked closely with Brayden across product creative, launch events and more. Leading to influential features amongst some of the country’s top-tier publications including Life Without Andy, Herald Sun and Nova FM, BCS Imaging truly concretes its creative stance across the map, capturing imagery that is notoriously emotive, captivating and essentially unforgettable.



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